Monday, July 24, 2006

Skeeters flyin' and burgers fryin'

Is the California heat wave too much for Anderson's famed bloodsuckers? We'll find out Wednesday, July 26, when Those Darn Accordions plays the Mosquito Serenade.

Temperatures threaten to top 100 degrees that day and, while California skeeters don't seem to grow as big as the legendary, sparrow-size monsters in Wisconsin's Northwoods, I know from experience that Anderson's winged leeches can be persistent. Let's hope the accordions don't melt.

With any luck, the Golden State's heat wave will have retreated -- but not by too much -- in time for Saturday's second-annual Rock 'n' Roll BBQ at Thee Parkside in San Francisco. The Electric Boogie Dawgz put the show together, and there will be plenty of steamin' rock (courtesy of The Golden Gods, Count Dante, Badstrip, Wifey, The Devil's Own and of course the EBDz) along with cheap burgers and dogs.

If any mosquitoes make the show, I'm guessing the alcohol content of any blood they ingest will prove lethal.

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