Thursday, July 13, 2006

I want to play Cornfest!

The Bay City Times news story makes the Michigan festival sound like a slam-dunk for TDA: "This year's 36th annual Auburn Cornfest offers an earful of entertainment including rock, comedy, polka and more."

Geez, that sounds like us in a nutshell (or a silk-lined husk). The lineup -- featuring U.P. goofball legends Da Yoopers, Jedi Mind Trip and a polka/variety show by The Pulse -- looks really promising. And Paul's got impeccable Michigan credentials (heck, he's vacationing there right now and possibly even on his way to Cornfest).

Maybe next year.

P.S. The Pulse's Kelly Grocholski even hosts a polka radio show called Polka Bandstand USA on WGDN FM out of Gladwin, Mich., according to the article.

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