Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Bottle RFIDs: ultimate high-tech buzzkill?

Here's something that's just not right: A Miami company is perfecting the use of RFID technology to track a bartender's every pour, from the angle the bottle is tilted to the amount of booze dispensed.

"The software converts the tilt into an estimated volume, and the conversion is automatically perfected based on the history of each bottle; hence it becomes more accurate over time and adapts to each bartender's habits. When the bottle is empty, our sensor knows it and the software readjusts the historical pours of each bottle to the known volume of the bottle," Beverage Metrics CEO David Teller tells eWeek. "Our system reconciles pours to ring-ups and recipes and automatically decides what is a long pour that should be changed to two pours (and) when to combine short pours in sequence."

Wonder if the system will also monitor the shrinking pile in the tip jar as this invasive technology takes its toll on the barkeep-tippler relationship?

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