Friday, May 25, 2007

First Bratwurst Haiku of Summer

Just in time for the Memorial Day weekend barbecue blitz, Bill from Milwaukee sends a link (it would be a link) to the Journal Sentinel's story about its first-ever "bratku" contest.

What's a "bratku" you ask? That would be a competition in which sausage-smitten people pen haiku about bratwurst (with the top five winners picking up $25 gift certificates from the ever-fabulous Usinger's Famous Sausage).

My personal fave is by Linda Hassel of Oshkosh:
A blossom of fire
Sweet juices fall on hot coals
As the bratwurst sings
That's a nice line -- "as the bratwurst sings." I can almost hear 'em sizzling and singing and then squirting just a smidgen of that precious bratwurst juice onto the coals before being pulled off onto a waiting bun. It's a song I hope to hear often this summer.

P.S. "Looking forward to my first bratwurst of summer this weekend," Bill says. Might have to do that myself ...

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