Saturday, March 10, 2007

Accordions: 'Happiness in a Box'

The National Accordion Association's 20th annual convention -- finishing this weekend in Richardson, Texas -- sounds like a good time, what with 250 squeezers from the United States and Canada milling about and remembering the early '50s as the time when the accordion was king (at least in front of the reporters).

But overall, the mood seems upbeat about the role the ol' stomach Steinway plays in today's musical climate. The money quote, from accordionist Louise Kucera (describing her instrument): "It's happiness in a box."

The Dallas Morning News' story on the event rolls out the ol' Rodney Dangerfield intro (accordions "get no respect"). But oh well -- it's nice to see squeezeboxers get their due. Maybe someday Those Darn Accordions will get invited to play one of these conventions where attendees bemoan the guitar's impact on the instrument.

P.S. What's with Texas and accordions, BTW? We've had our eye on San Antonio's International Accordion Festival for years ...

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