Friday, October 6, 2006

The Lawnball Returns

TDA frontman Paul Rogers is back in his warped world and grinning ear to ear. Thanks to the vigilance of the Northwest TDA fan base, the missing lawnball was located and returned to it's home on the front lawn of Rogers' property. In a heart rending ceremony the lawnball was presented to TDA at a performance last week in St. Helens, OR. The culprit (name witheld pending arraignment) was apprehended while standing in line for a beer. "I was gonna give it back as soon as I had another pint. Jeez, what's the big deal, I took good care of it, even polished it once or twice" muttered the scoundrel as he was led away by TDA security officer, Buck Rogers.
Rogers often cites the lawnball as a source of inspiration for TDA material, so it's return is timely. TDA is hunkering down to begin work on their new CD, due out in Spring 2007 and Rogers admits he's got some "starin' and cipherin' to do".

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