Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Ease and Beauty of eMusic

When did eMusic become so cool? While I wasn't looking, the site got all "social," letting users create Member Playlists of their favorite albums. It also added a feature called eMusic Dozens that gives lets rock critics like Chuck Eddy a chance to shout out their favorite artists.

For $10 a month, eMusic lets you download 40 unencombered MP3s from a huge variety of indie artists (quite a deal if you ask me). We've peddled Those Darn Accordions music on the site for ages. If you use eMusic and you're so inclined, please take a second to add some TDA tunes to a personal playlist to help us spread the love.

P.S. How did I finally get wise to the current state of eMusic's hipness? The esteemed Mr. Eddy gave my other band, the Electric Boogie Dawgz, some very good ink: "Primarily a funkier, funnier, and more kicking version of Jason and the Scorchers' earliest cowpunk, this San Fran trio also dance a rockasaurus boogie that verges into Brownsville Station and (in a song about chicken) ZZ Top territory. What they're best for, though, is jokes, like when they name-drop guitarists they respect (starting with Stevie Ray Vaughan and Angus Young) and one they don't (Eric Clapton) and keep taking the same sloppy non-solo after every shout-out. Then there's one where they keep counting to nine but have the blues 'cause they can't make it to ten. Plus a lot of liver damage."

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