Wednesday, June 21, 2006

No bluffing in Fluffernutter scuffle

The war on fun continues: A Massachusetts state senator wants to limit schools' ability to serve Fluffernutter sandwiches to the state's crumb crunchers. State Sen. Jarrett Barrios' nanny-state nutrition legislation would limit schools to serving the local delicacy -- made of "a combination of Marshmallow Fluff and peanut butter, preferably on white bread with a glass of milk handy," according to the Associated Press -- more than once per week.

The proposal isn't sitting well with State Rep. Kathi-Anne Reinstein, who wants to make the Fluffernutter Massachusetts' official sandwich. "I'm going to fight to the death for Fluff," Reinstein said.

Meanwhile, Barrios told The Boston Globe he's "not sure we should be even calling (Marshmallow Fluff) a food." But his joy-crushing stance isn't winning him many friends -- and some of his supporters are even clashing with him on his anti-Fluffernutter jihad.

"Regulators are trying hard to take the fun out of school," said Glenn Koocher, a Barrios campaign contributor and executive director of the Massachusetts Association of School Committees. "If the food police think that the ban is good for society, ban it. But kids need to have fun."

What's next? Banning bratwurst and cheese in Wisconsin?

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