Thursday, March 23, 2006

Kurt Cobain lives on -- as a toy

Dressed in "Smells Like Teen Spirit" garb, the plastic Kurt Cobain doll is the kind of thing that would either have made the real Nirvana songwriter/guitarist giggle with delight or smash something while mumbling unintelligibly about the evils of corporate consumerism.

Aside from Kurt, toy company Neca peddles a wide range of pretty cool pop culture figurines. There's an aging Elvis (complete with walker), a zombie from Dawn of the Dead, Jimmy Page and AC/DC figures, Iron Maiden bobbleheads, characters from Sin City (in black-and-white and color editions, a nice tribute to the Robert Rodriguez film) and ohsomuchmore.

No word on whether the Kurt figure shoots up in his tiny plastic arm.

1 comment:

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