Saturday, January 24, 2009

Behold, the Bear of Gum

Artist Maurizio Savini got crazy with the chewing gum to create this life-size bear.

Savini's gum-based works, which also include a buffalo and "suited businessmen suspended in gymnastic poses," have been exhibited around the world, according to The Telegraph.

"The reason I like to use chewing gum is because it seemed to me an amazingly versatile material compared to those used by the traditional arts such as painting," said Savini.

How does he do it?

"I work the chewing gum when it is warm and manipulate it with a knife just like some traditional material like clay," Savini said. "The most important step is the fixing of the sculptures with formaldehyde and antibiotic."

Read the Telegraph's full report to see the buffalo and enjoy what is perhaps the most ludicrous bit of art criticism ever, courtesy of Mario Codognato (here's a snip):

"Maurizio's work reminds of the sensual act of chewing, the voluptuous warmth of rebelling saliva, the artificial and secretly aseptic fragrance which spreads from the mouth as a promise and missed kiss."

Wonder what the art critic would say about Santa Cruz's infamous wall of gum?

[via Neatorama]


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