Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Gigantic Salmon Swims No More

An 85-pound chinook salmon carcass was found recently on Battle Creek near Anderson, California.

"We see lots of big ones," biologist Doug Killam (pictured holding the salmon) told the Record Searchlight, "but this one was just bigger than most big ones -- it was just spectacular."

Be sure to check the full-size image on the paper's site. The huge fish really is spectacular.

The paper says this fall's salmon run has been smaller than usual, and I think I know why: That 51-inch giant must have eaten a lot of herring, sardines and other salmon grub. Maybe it was even a cannibal.

P.S. Anderson is the home of the Mosquito Serenade, a great concert series down by the river that we've had the pleasure of playing several times. Maybe that 85-pound monster salmon swam by a TDA show!

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