Sunday, September 7, 2008

Wowed 'em at Widmer

Wow is right! We had a blast at Widmer Bros Oktoberfest tonight. What a great crowd! Tonight was one of those nights where we get reminded why we do this. The fans! And the ones in Portland are the best. Thanks to Widmer Bros and everyone who came out. We sure hope to see you again next year! Hey wait, here comes the rest of the band. They want to chime in too!
Hi All, Susie Here. We'll have orthodics waiting for the dudes who were slam dancing barefoot on the cement for the whole set. Loved seeing all the smiling faces of our Portland people. I want to thank everyone of them for being so open to all of the "Polkas". We know this isn't exactly Wisconsin.... So, this is were all the old hippies went! Let's make "Them Hippies was Right" the new Oregon State song!

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