Saturday, February 2, 2008

Meet the Dinks

I've been going through the vault and pulling out some PRETTY interesting stuff, not the least of which is my first forays into songwriting for a band. It was 1980 and I was living in Alameda, CA , just across the bay from San Francisco. I was rehearsing in a half burned down cottage behind the house I was staying in with two friends I knew from my college days in Delaware, OH, Jim Breece, Paul Morris.
The three of us crammed in that small space and we banged out a bundle of New Wave, Power Pop, Pre-Punk, Post-Wacko and just plain nutty tunes. Jim played bass and Paul played guitar. Later when we started to record, we added a local drummer, Jerry Myers. We managed to get most of these tunes down on tape in some kind of rough demo form and it's fun to hear the raw energy of those recordings.
We played the SF club scene for a couple years and a couple of name changes and had a great time doing it. So I invite you to take a trip back in time and Meet The Dinks!

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