Sunday, January 6, 2008

Man Builds His Own Bowling Alley

Next to homebrewing, this could be the ultimate DIY project: building a bowling alley in your garage. The guy is identified by TechEBlog as "Tim W.," with no reference as to where he lives. (I'm guessing it's the Midwest.)

The Brunswick automatic pinsetter is a noisy beast, and the lane is short (although probably about the same as the duckpin lanes at Koz's Mini Bowl in Milwaukee). But it's pretty darn cool to have a lane like that in your garage. Wonder if there's a Kegerator hiding off to the side somewhere?

TechEBlog has a photo gallery of the lane, as well as the videos below.

See the lane in action.

Behind-the-scenes shot shows the Brunswick pinsetter in action.

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