Tuesday, July 31, 2007

No Accordions Anywhere in Sight

... but that doesn't demean a Dale Watson show, no how no way. Suzanne and I (and our friends Sonia and Bev) just got back from a fine night at 12 Galaxies in San Fran Sicko. (It was a fine night in spite of the club's inability to properly dispense beer in a timely fashion -- come on, folks, how hard is it to stock up on High Life and sell it to the people? And then again, how hard is it for Miller to have a website that mentions High Life? Apparently impossible. Give me a break and don't get me started and all that.)

But anyway, if you like real country music and you haven't heard Dale, buy one or all of his records immediately. And then catch his show the next time he comes anywhere near your town. You won't be sorry.

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