Saturday, November 25, 2006

TDA Demo #2: Wrinkle Suit

Here's the next tune we are kicking around for the new CD. It's called "Wrinkle Suit" (MP3). I was sitting next to a sales rep for large industrial trash compactors in an airport last year. He was making cold calls to different companies while I was making cold calls to different venues. I guess you could say we both were trying to put the "squeeze on." Ha! Anyway, that's what inspired this tune.

My favorite line is "I'm low man on the totem and Loman back in coach and I'm feeling like a shadow of myself as we approach." If we do this tune next year on tour, I think it would be fun to break it down in the middle and actually make a "cold call" to an event in the area and leave a message asking for a gig while the audience screams in the background. Talk about your interactive booking strategies!

There's a third verse that's not on the demo and I'm too lazy to go back and sing it, so I'll just print it here.

If you want to play this game, you've got to learn the ropes
And learn to tell the buyers from all the nopey nopes
Every sale is heaven, no deal is ever dead
You've just got to squeeze the margins 'til your boss is seeing red.

Let me know what you think ... Yea or nay!

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